Forklift Finance Solutions

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Pegasus Materials Handling offer a wide range of flexible finance solutions to meet your individual needs, whether you are a small organisation looking for a single truck or a large one looking for a fleet of trucks, we have the expertise to help.

Our financial packages include:

​Contract Hire – without doubt the most popular way of acquiring forklifts and warehousing equipment in the UK. With fixed costs covering maintenance and breakdowns, contract hire eliminates the risk of unexpected bills, saving you time and money.

​Lease purchase – similar to hire purchase, this option provides you with the ultimate ownership of the forklift, spreading the cost of leasing the forklift over an agreed period of time.

​Finance lease – this option fixes your rental payments from day one but excludes maintenance, however you have the flexibility to continue using the truck at the end subject to an annual rental agreement.

Explore our flexible finance options?

Find out more about our forklift leasing options including: - contract hire, finance leases and lease purchase